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Our Retaining Wall Services

At London Retaining Walls, we specialize in providing comprehensive retaining wall services. Our expertise spans across various types of retaining walls, ensuring that no matter your need, we have the solution. From the initial consultation to the final installation or repair, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering quality, durability, and beauty in every project.

Our services

We can help with various retaining wall styles. All of these
will comply with the Ontario Building Code.

Block Retaining Walls

Engineered for strength and versatility, our block retaining walls are ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Perfect for creating terraced landscapes and preventing soil erosion.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Known for their durability and strength, our concrete retaining walls offer long-lasting stability and are custom-designed to fit your landscape’s unique demands.

Wood & Timber Retaining Walls

Add a natural, rustic charm to your landscape with our wood and timber retaining walls. These eco-friendly solutions are perfect for bringing warmth and a timeless aesthetic to your property.

Retaining Wall Repair

We provide expert repair services for all types of retaining walls. Addressing issues from structural damage to aesthetic wear, ensuring your wall continues to function effectively and look great.

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